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  • Features1

    Mumble comes with high sound quality for it uses Speex which functions as an audio compressor and noise reduction tool.

  • Features2

    Mumble presents channel hierarchy allowing selected groups of users to converse at the same time connects to a larger group.

  • Features3

    Mumble provide servers that can either be rented or hosted and the server is easy to configure.


What is Mumble?

Mumble is the perfect software intended for gamers out there. This software presents a voice chat capability for groups of people or gamers which is almost comparable to Skype groups for this is also considered as a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol client. Therefore, this functions by allowing all its users to converse with one another if they are using the same server. Mumble comes with high quality sounds and conversations are encrypted for privacy purposes.

Free Download

Download & Installation

Mumble download and installation is not as complicated as you think, users will just have to download the software and run it by choosing the "client" option when installing it. After the software download, simply set it up and connect to a Mumble server. Users will also have the option to set up and connect on their own server. This is simple, easy and most of all fun to use which makes Mumble a must have software for all gamers.